DC Jack Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Warranty.  We provide a 30 day warranty on all DC jacks that we replace, if you experience an issue with the jack we will refund the money.

What is the success rate? If you jack appears to be broken, loose, damaged then the success rate is about 90% that your laptop will work fine after the jack replacement.  9/10 laptops are working fine after the DC jack replacement.  If you just think it is a jack, but the jack looks totally normal without any wobbling then the success rate is 2/3 basically about 66%.  Lenovo laptops with rectangular jacks are 50/50%

What guarantees are you offering? There are no extra fees or charges except $100 flat rate fee, if you laptop is not going to work after we replace a jack we won’t charge you a cent (see above).  $100 flat rate fee includes brand new parts and all labor.  If your laptop is a brand name laptop i.e. Toshiba, Gateway, Sony, Compaq, HP, Acer, Asus etc.. we should have a dc power jack for it in stock. Rather than fixing your old DC jack, we replace your DC jack.   If you bring your laptop over it will be fixed within 1.5 hours, make sure to call to schedule an appointment.

Why DC jacks break? Number one reason is if you use a universal power adapter.  Universal adapters are not made specifically for your dc jack.  They sit extremely tightly on your dc jack pin and thus any movement up down left right usually breaks the pin off.  Number two reason is faulty power plug on your AC Adapter, when a power plug goes bad it usually backfires on your DC jack due to constant twisting and turning of the DC plug, we replace these at no extra charge. Third reason is due to a bad DC jack design.  Many HP, Dell, Compaq, Gateway, Acer, Toshiba and Asus, Lenovo models have bad jack designs that don’t have a securing bracket that holds the jack down to the motherboard preventing any movement sideways or up and down.

How long does it take? Average DC replacement job lasts about 1-1.5 hours.  All work is done within 24 hours after we receive your laptop.

Do you repair or you replace the power jack? We only replace power jacks, it is a more time consuming process than repairing but in a long run we don’t have to deal with lots of warranty work.  We repair jacks on the laptops that don’t have aftermarket dc jacks for sale.

I live in Chicago land can I drop my laptop off? Yes you can drop your laptop off at the above address 5 days a week. Please call in advance to make sure somebody is going to be there to meet you.  Generally you would be able to pick up your laptop an hour and a half.

Do you need the password to get into my system? No, we do not need any of your passwords.

Do I need to send an AC adapter? Yes, to test out your system we would prefer to have your AC DC power adapter, however if you are missing an AC DC adapter we still can work on it and test out your computer using our adapters.  In addition if your Power plug on your AC adapter is damaged or broken or shortens we can repair it at no extra charge.  If you sending just the motherboard please send it without the charger.

Canada clients: Please send laptops to us only by using POSTAL SERVICE, we do not accept packages from Canada sent by UPS because there is a HUGE import tax imposed on us.